The UNIRACK USA-USB-USM-USRUSP structures have been designed and implemented to meet the needs of light to medium duty storage: they are also highly suited to the construction of single, two and even three tier structures up to a height of 8 metres with frame loadings up to 4800 kg (in USR version).

The design of the various components is the result of rigorous technical testing and the highly specialised knowledge developed over years of experience in the field of metal processing.


This experience has enabled us to offer innovative products of the highest quality, highly competitively priced, and to produce a highly technical solution to the most important shelving problems, such as rapid assembly, stability, low cost and load bearing capacity.

The special design allows for high load bearing from light gauge materials. The use of high quality zinc coated steel ensures a high level of durability. The versatility of the system allows the easy use of dividers and modular containers for storage and separation of small loose parts. The structural components of the UNIRACK systems are made from high tensile